• Roku Voices Concern About Charter Merger
    Charter has promised that it won't impose data caps for three years after it acquires Time Warner and Bright House, but Roku is concerned about what will happen afterward.
  • Microsoft Sues Justice Department Over Gag Orders
    In the last 18 months, judges have issued 2,600 orders requiring Microsoft to secretly turn over its customers' emails. Today, Microsoft asked a court to declare those orders unconstitutional.
  • Obama Threatens To Veto Bill Limiting FCC's Broadband Authority
    The White House is signaling that President Obama will veto a Republican-backed bill that would chip away at the recent net neutrality rules.
  • Web Gatekeepers Shouldn't Thwart Competition With Data Caps, FCC Chair Says
    Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler is hinting that the agency takes a dim view of broadband providers that use data caps to discourage subscribers from watching online video.
  • Ad-Blocking Browser Brave Fires Back At News Industry
    Brave, the browser that blocks third-party ads and replaces them with "safer" ones, says it will fight "today's increasingly abusive approach to Web advertising."
  • FCC May Outlaw 'Supercookies'
    The FCC is seeking comment about whether certain types of tracking technology, including Verizon's infamous "supercookies," should be prohibited.
  • Netflix Proves People Don't Notice Mobile Video Slowdowns, T-Mobile CEO Argues
    The revelation that Netflix has been slowing down video streams on AT&T and Verizon for five years proves that smartphone users don't require high-resolution streams, T-Mobile says.
  • FCC Wants To End Bill Shock With 'Nutrition Labels'
    Aiming to curb unexpected broadband fees, the Federal Communications Commission today unveiled new, approved formats that carriers can use to disclose information to broadband subscribers.
  • Broadband Providers Slam FCC, Say Privacy Rules Will 'Confuse' People
    Critics of the Federal Communications Commission's proposed privacy rules appear to have found at least one of the main talking points: The rules will harm consumers.
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