• Locast To Pay $32 Million, Shut Down For Good
    Defunct streaming television service Locast has agreed to pay $32 million to broadcasters, and to remain shuttered, in order to settle their opyright infringement claims.
  • Zuckerberg Sued By Washington, D.C. Over Cambridge Analytica Debacle
    Facebook has made more than its share of questionable privacy decisions in its 18-year history, but one of its biggest mistakes may have been to allow developers to obtain information about people who hadn't interacted with them.
  • Democrats Seek To Regulate Recommendation Engines
    Four House Democrats have introduced the "Justice Against Malicious Algorithms Act," which takes aim at content recommendation.
  • Trump Seeks To Force Facebook To Restore Account
    Former President Donald Trump on Thursday asked a federal court to order Facebook to restore his account, arguing that his ongoing ban from the service could hurt the Republican Party's chances in upcoming elections.
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