• Company That Sold Fake Followers Settles Fraud Allegations
    In what's being hailed as a first, a company that sold fake followers and endorsements to celebrities and would-be influencers has settled allegations that it violated New York state laws regarding fraud and impersonation.
  • Senators Urge FTC And FCC To Investigate Carriers Over Location Privacy
    "The wireless industry has repeatedly demonstrated a blatant disregard for its customers' privacy," Senator Ron Wyden and 14 others write in a letter to the FCC and FTC.
  • Apple CEO And Privacy Groups Call For Limits On Data Collection
    As federal lawmakers gear up to tackle online privacy, a host of industry groups, tech companies and consumer advocates are weighing in with suggestions.
  • Google Poised To Prevail In Battle Over 'Right To Be Forgotten'
    Google appears poised to win a showdown in Europe over whether the so-called "right to be forgotten" requires censorship of results worldwide.
  • Judge Blocks NYC Law Requiring Airbnb To Disclose User Info
    A NYC law requiring home sharing platforms to turn over data about users likely violates the Fourth Amendment, a federal judge said Thursday.