• Mobile Ads Can Infer Users' Medication, Dating Preferences, Researcher Tells FTC
    Mobile ads can now infer the medications that users take, whether they prefer to date men or women, and their location. That's according to Cornell Tech's Vitaly Shmatikov, who will present research to the Federal Trade Commission next month.
  • FCC: Cable Broadband Providers Boost Speed
    Cable companies now offer broadband speeds ranging from 50 and 105 Mbps, up from 12-30 Mbps in 2011, according to a new FCC report.
  • Facebook Defends Zero-Rating Program, Compares 'Free Basics' To Libraries
    "If we accept that everyone deserves access to the Internet, then we must surely support free basic Internet services," Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg writes. "Who could possibly be against this?"
  • IAB Pushes Back Against FTC's Guidance For Native Ads
    The Federal Trade Commission's new guidance on native ads is raising concern at the Interactive Advertising Bureau, which is questioning the basis for the agency's recommendations.
  • YouTube Criticizes T-Mobile For Throttling Video
    YouTube says T-Mobile has no justification to degrade all video services "without explicit user consent."
  • Comcast's Data Meters Spur Questions
    Comcast has recently drawn much criticism by expanding its use of metered billing to 15% of its subscribers. Now, some people are questioning whether the meters are accurate.
  • Privacy Group Wants New Cross-Device Tracking Regulations
    Electronic Privacy Information Center is calling on the FTC to require ad companies to obtain explicit consent from consumers before tracking them across more than one device.
  • Broadband Speeds Increase Worldwide
    Broadband speeds throughout the world are increasing, but no country yet offers average connections of at least 25 Mbps -- the Federal Communications Commission's new definition of "broadband."
  • FCC Questions T-Mobile, Comcast And AT&T About Data Cap Exemptions
    The Federal Communications Commission is asking T-Mobile, Comcast and AT&T for more information about their decisions to exempt some material from subscribers' data caps.
  • Comcast Customers Slam Data Caps
    Comcast's recent expansion of its data cap tests has spurred thousands of the company's broadband customers to file complaints with the Federal Communications Commission, according to a new report by CutCableToday.com
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