• Facebook-Funded Report Accuses Apple Of Depriving Consumers Of Choices
    "Apple's update goes beyond any legitimate protection of users' privacy interests," two professors write in a report funded by Facebook.
  • Opt-In Privacy Bill Advances In New York
    A sweeping privacy bill introduced recently in New York cleared its first hurdle this week, when it was approved by the state Senate Consumer Protection Committee.
  • New York Lawmaker Introduces Broad Privacy Bill
    "Behavioral advertising generates profits by turning people into products and their activity into assets," the bill states.
  • Broadband Industry Financed Phony Comments Against Net Neutrality
    "In April 2017, the country's largest broadband companies banded together to fund a campaign to generate millions of comments for the FCC's 2017 net neutrality rulemaking proceeding," a new report by the New York Attorney General says.