• Facebook Settles Faceprint Fight For $550 Million
    One week after the Supreme Court rejected Facebook's request to intervene in a class-action over facial recognition technology, the company announced it will pay an eye-popping $550 million to resolve the matter.
  • Clearview AI Hit With Biometric Privacy Lawsuit
    Clearview AI, a start-up that sells "faceprint" databases to police departments, has been sued for allegedly violating an Illinois biometric privacy law.
  • Washington Privacy Proposal Draws Praise From Some Advocates, Criticism From Advertisers
    A proposed privacy bill in Washington state is drawing praise from advocates for clarifying that consumers can opt out of ad targeting and profiling. But the ANA says the bill will increase fragmentation.
  • Critics Blast Facebook's Latest Punt On Political Ads
    Facebook's decision to continue allowing lies in political ads, but let users limit how many of these ads appear in their newsfeeds, isn't going over well with critics.
  • California Privacy Law Shows Need For National Legislation, Senator Says
    "Congress can no longer sit idly by in this data privacy debate," Senator Mark Warner said Thursday.