• Senate Committee To Vote On Trump FCC Nominee Who Wants To Regulate Social Media
    The Senate Commerce Committee is scheduled to vote Wednesday on FCC nominee Nathan Simington, who 's best known for advocating for rules to weaken Section 230.
  • Apple Confirms Plans To Roll Out Anti-Tracking Feature Next Year
    Despite pushback from the ad industry, Apple plans to move forward early next year with new privacy settings that will require app developers to obtain users' consent before tracking for ad purposes.
  • FCC Unlikely To Issue New Regulations For Web Publishers, Starks Predicts
    It will be "very hard" for FCC Chairman Ajit Pai to move forward with new rules for Section 230 before President-Elect Joe Biden takes office, FCC Commissioner Geoffrey Starks says.
  • Proposition 24 Spurs Ad Industry To Renew Calls For National Privacy Law
    "Every American deserves the same privacy rights, enforced by the Federal Trade Commission rather than a balkanized collection of state privacy regulators," Leigh Freund, president and CEO of the Network Advertising Initiative, stated Thursday.