• Uber Beefs Up Privacy Controls
    Faced with a fresh public relations crisis, Uber today unveiled new settings aimed at giving users more control over their data.
  • FTC's Ohlhausen Praises Plan To Reverse Net Neutrality Rules
    Acting FTC chief Maureen Ohlhausen cheered news that the centerpiece of the net neutrality rules could soon be reversed.
  • Broadband Providers Cheer Proposed Net Neutrality Reversal
    The lobbying group USTelecom praised FCC Chairman Ajit Pai's plan to roll back net neutrality, arguing that the move will boost innovation and investment.
  • Court Urged To Restore FTC's Power To Prosecute AT&T
    The Federal Communications Commission wants the 9th Circuit to restore the Federal Trade Commission's ability to prosecute AT&T for allegedly misleading consumers.
  • Confide Messaging Service Sued For False Advertising
    The messaging app Confide, reportedly a favorite of some Trump administration staffers, allegedly doesn't keep messages as private as advertised.
  • Windstream Can't Prevent Future Copyright Suits
    "Windstream seeks broad declarations about every possible conflict that has occurred or could occur in the future," the judge wrote in an order dismissing the carrier's suit.
  • Will FTC Crack Down On Instagram Ads?
    The FTC recently warned around 90 Instagram influencers to disclose paid promotions.
  • Silicon Valley Sides With Yelp In Battle Over Takedown Order
    "If the results below were to prevail, a vast new avenue of litigation abuse and vast new opportunities to suppress First Amendment rights would open up," the Internet Association warns the California Supreme Court.
  • Scrapping Net Neutrality Would Be 'Disaster,' FTC's McSweeny Says
    "I dearly hope ... we don't rush to unwind the basic protections that now protect our economic liberty and the open Internet," FTC Commissioner Terrell McSweeny said.
  • Republican Senator Defends Privacy Repeal To Voters
    Jeff Flake, who introduced the resolution that scrapped broadband privacy rules, fielded some angry complaints Thursday night at a boisterous town hall meeting.
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