• AT&T Reverses Course, Won't Ask Supreme Court To Strip FTC Of Broadband Authority
    The dispute started over AT&T's "unlimited" data plan, but escalated into a battle over something bigger -- the FTC's ability to police broadband.
  • Companies Urged To Extend GDPR Privacy Standards To U.S.
    "If companies can afford to protect Europeans' privacy, they can also afford to do so for their American customers and users," Senator Ed Markey stated today.
  • Senate Votes To Reinstate Obama-Era Net Neutrality Rules
    Three Republicans voted in favor of restoring rules that prohibit Internet service providers from blocking or throttling traffic and from charging higher fees for prioritized delivery.
  • Net Neutrality Rules To End On June 11
    Broadband providers will be free to censor sites and slow down apps on June 11, when the net neutrality repeal takes effect.
  • California Privacy Proposal Poised To Advance
    Voters in California could decide this November whether to approve a ballot initiative that would allow them to wield control over their data.