• FCC Net Neutrality Initiative Could Lead To Broadband Privacy Regs
    "We believe that ISPs are situated to collect vast swaths of information about their customers, including personal information, financial information, and information regarding subscriber online activity," the FCC's 129-page notice of proposed rulemaking states.
  • Online Hate Speech Law Faces Criticism From All Sides
    It's not every day the right-wing Thomas More Society, civil liberties organization Electronic Frontier Foundation and tech industry groups like NetChoice agree, but they're united in the belief that New York's new online hate speech law is unconstitutional.
  • FTC Consumer Protection Chief Blasts 'Fiction Of Notice And Choice'
    "Consumers do not have the time to read hundreds of pages of dense privacy policies, and it should not be their burden to do so," FTC consumer protection chief Samuel Levine said Thursday.
  • Privacy Self-Regulation Not Working, FTC Consumer Protection Head Says
    "I think we need to accept that self-regulation around digital privacy is not working. And I think we need to learn from these mistakes as we confront the next wave of emerging technology," FTC consumer protection head Samuel Levine said.
  • Court Blocks California Law Restricting Gun Ads To Minors
    The decision could give a boost to the tech industry, New York Times Company and other opponents of a California law that regulates how tech platforms display content to teens.
  • Arkansas Can't Enforce Law Restricting Teens' Social Media
    A new Arkansas law requiring social platforms to verify users' ages and prohibiting teens under 18 from having social-media accounts without parental permission likely violates the First Amendment rights of adults as well as teens.
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