• Advocacy Groups Press Pelosi To Hold Vote On Privacy Bill
    Dozens of advocacy groups are urging House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to schedule a vote on the proposed American Data Privacy and Protection Act, which would impose broad restrictions on companies' ability to collect and harness data.
  • Authors Guild And Others Blast Internet Archive's Lending Library
    The Internet Archive's online lending program "is merely a new spin on the much-discredited 'space-shifting' or 'format-shifting' argument that internet-enabled infringers from Napster onward have tried and failed to foist on the courts," the Authors Guild and other groups argue.
  • Ad Industry Prepares To Fight Potential FTC Privacy Rules
    The FTC is seeking public comment on "commercial surveillance," meaning the "collection, aggregation, analysis, retention, transfer, or monetization of consumer data and the direct derivatives of that information."
  • Republican PAC Tried To Trick Kansas Voters Via Texting Campaign
    A right-wing political action committee sent text messages to Kansas residents in an effort to trick them into letting state lawmakers outlaw abortion.
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