• FCC Urged To Craft New Privacy Regs For Unlocked Cable Boxes
    The FCC should refine its proposal for new set-top box rules by beefing up privacy protections for consumers, according to Sen. Patrick Leahy.
  • Illinois Lawmaker Wants To Gut Privacy Protections For 'Faceprints'
    Facebook, Google and other Web companies that use facial recognition technology to identify people could get a big boost in ongoing privacy battles, if an Illinois senator succeeds in revising the state's privacy law.
  • Chamber Of Commerce Opposes Tough Broadband Privacy Rules
    The U.S. Chamber of Commerce weighed in today against the Federal Communications Commission's proposal that broadband providers obtain consumers' opt-in consent before using data about their Web-surfing activity for ad purposes.
  • FTC To Examine Privacy Policies, AdChoices Icon
    The Federal Trade Commission plans to scrutinize online privacy notifications, the agency announced this week.
  • Silicon Valley Protests 'Zero-Rating' Schemes, Calls For New FCC Rules
    Yelp, Etsy, Mozilla, Medium and Vimeo are among dozens of online companies calling for new rules that could limit Internet service providers from exempting material from consumers' monthly data caps.
  • Advertisers Slam 'Flawed' Set-Top Box Proposal
    A "seriously flawed" proposal to unlock set-top boxes would "undermine responsible and relevant advertising on broadcast and cable media," the ANA says.
  • French Censorship Order Appealed By Google
    Google has appealed a $112,000 fine for failing to censor search results worldwide.
  • Broadband Privacy Proposal Moving Too Fast, Regulator Says
    "This is the kind of subject that is complicated and would benefit from a longer rulemaking," FCC Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel says.
  • Online Data Broker May Have To Face Lawsuit Over Errors
    Spokeo may have to face a privacy lawsuit for allegedly displaying incorrect information about consumers, but only if they can show the errors caused a "concrete" injury.
  • People Limit Web Use Due To Privacy Concerns, Commerce Department Says
    Concerns about privacy and security are discouraging people from posting to social networks, expressing controversial opinions, conducting online banking and shopping from online retailers.
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