• Verizon Asks FCC To Block State Broadband Privacy Rules
    "Rules that stop at the state line -- including rules for important concerns such as privacy -- don't work in today's interconnected world," Verizon says in a new FCC filing.
  • Verizon Now Throttles All Mobile Video
    As of this week, the mobile carrier is throttling video on all "unlimited" data plans.
  • DreamHost Challenges Warrant For Data About Visitors To Anti-Trump Site
    "This Court should not permit the government to trample upon the privacy of the individuals interacting with the website," DreamHost argues.
  • Anti-Backpage Bill Draws More Opposition From Tech Companies
    A proposed law aimed at curbing online sex trafficking has picked up some support in Congress, but is also drawing heated opposition from Silicon Valley.
  • Bill Aimed At Backpage Could Curb User-Generated Content, Groups Warn
    A broad array of digital rights groups are gearing up to fight a Senate bill that could weaken current protections for Web platforms.