• Pai Won't Force Cable Companies To Replace Set-Top Boxes With Apps
    FCC Chairman Ajit Pai took a step toward scuttling his predecessor's plan to require cable and satellite providers to make TV programs available via apps.
  • Broadband Carriers Ask FCC To Stay Privacy Rules
    The new rules "will severely hamper the ability of ISPs to enter and compete in the digital advertising marketplace against large entrenched incumbents," carriers say.
  • Ad Industry Asks Congress To Overturn Broadband Privacy Rules
    The ANA, IAB and other industry groups are asking lawmakers to overturn "onerous and unnecessary" broadband privacy rules that prohibit Internet service providers from drawing on people's Web-surfing activity without their opt-in consent.
  • Congress Urged To Nix Broadband Privacy Rules
    The FCC's tough broadband privacy rules are "counterproductive to actual consumer privacy protections," Americans for Tax Reform, TechFreedom and other organizations tell lawmakers.
  • AT&T Merger With Time Warner Poses Threat, Senate Democrats Warn
    AT&T's proposed acquisition of Time Warner would leave the company poised to raise prices, scale back access to independent programs and harm content distributors.
  • ANA Expects Trump FCC Pick To Revisit Privacy
    It's "highly likely" that new FCC Chair Ajit Pai will grant a request to revisit tough broadband privacy rules, the Association of National Advertisers predicted today.
  • Newspaper Group Cheers Ajit Pai's Elevation To FCC Chairman
    Consumer advocates criticize Ajit Pai for his opposition to the net neutrality rules. But the News Media Alliance views the Republican as "an avid supporter of the news media industry."
  • Ad Networks Can Personally Identify Web Users
    Ad companies can determine many users' identities by examining publicly available data from social media services, according to a new report.
  • Netflix Says It Won't Be Hurt By Net Neutrality Repeal
    "We are now popular enough with consumers to keep our relationships with ISPs stable," the company says in a letter to shareholders.
  • Mississippi Attorney General Sues Google Over Student Privacy
    Jim Hood, who previously battled Google over piracy allegations, is now suing the company for allegedly violating its privacy promises by collecting data about students who use its educational apps.
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