Trump Telecom Adviser Wants FCC Stripped Of Power

Mark Jamison, one of President-elect Donald Trump's advisers on telecom policy, isn't just opposed to net neutrality rules. Jamison also wants to see the Federal Communications Commission stripped of power over broadband networks and broadcasters.

In an October blog post titled "Do we need the FCC," Jamison argues in favor of replacing the FCC with a different, smaller agency that would be tasked with licensing spectrum, but not much else.



Much of his argument appears premised on the idea that broadband networks and telecom operators no longer need the oversight of a dedicated agency, because they're not usually monopolies. "If there are instances where there are monopolies, it would seem overkill to have an entire federal agency dedicated to ex ante regulation of their services," he writes. "Content on the web competes well with content provided by broadcasters, seeming to eliminate any need for FCC oversight of broadcasters."

Jamison doesn't elaborate on why he doesn't consider Internet provider networks monopolies. But many people in the U.S. would probably disagree with his conclusion. Consider, the FCC reported earlier this year that 30% of U.S. residents live in areas where only one company offers broadband service of at least 25 Mbps; only 22% of people live in areas where at least three companies offer service at that speed.

Jamison also argues that many FCC activities -- including helping to ensure universal phone service -- could be carried out by different agencies. "States can subsidize network access as they see fit, the Department of Health and Human Services can incorporate telecommunications and internet into its assistance to low-income households, and the FTC and states can handle consumer protection," Jamison writes. "A much smaller independent agency could be created to license radio spectrum, where a spectrum license would be a property right for use and not about content."

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  1. Chuck Lantz from, network, November 23, 2016 at 7:22 p.m.

    And while we're at it, why not just consolidate all those pesky individual news services into one, easy to find and use "news" outlet.  I'd be willing to bet that Murdoch's Fox News would be the perfect choice.  After all, having more than one side presented can get awfully confusing for folks. Why not just simplify things?  

    One people, one nation, one leader. I feel so ... blissful.

  2. Linda Moskal from WNPV Radio replied, November 25, 2016 at 1:52 p.m.

    It could be where we're headed.  

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