• ABM And the Virus -- Enterprise Brands Are In A Radical Shift
    Most big firms expect to increase their ABM spend this year, and many see channel shifts, MRP Prelytix reports.
  • Ecommerce Confidential: What Shoppers Want, And In What Channels
    Consumers prefer email over all other channels, and SMS comes in a very distant third, Shopify partners find in a survey.
  • Chilly Response To Cold Email: Sales/Marketing Execs Sending More, Gaining Less
    Almost half sent more cold emails to prospects during the past year, but most saw no improvement in response, Copper reports.
  • In Email We Trust: Gen Z, Millennials Are Primed For Relevant Newsletters
    Readers in the younger age groups will subscribe to newsletters if they trust the publisher and find the content meaningful, Jeeng reports.
  • Living Life Without It: Some Consumers Reject American Express Marketing Emails
    AMEX was fined for sending promotional emails to UK consumers who had opted out of receiving them. This could be a harbinger of what to expect in the U.S. as tougher, GDPR-style privacy laws take effect.
  • Buy-Sell: SparkPost CEO On The Firm's Pending Mergers
    Commenting on the email landscape, SparkPost CEO Rich Harris says one strength of email is that it is based on first-party data, not third-party data.
  • Drink Up: Personalized Ads Pull In Whiskey Brand Engagement Test
    In general, personalized creative outpulls non-personalized creative by 84%, AKI Technologies reports.
  • The Lowdown On Low-Code: Companies Are Racing To Deploy DIY Technology
    But few businesses have delegated low-code development to the end users, Creatio reports.
  • Online Lifeline: How Consumers Are Changing Their Habits As The Pandemic Eases
    Expect more online streaming, shopping and banking, and less attendance in exercise classes, educational courses and religious services, Qualtrics XM reports.
  • Is Data Governable? What Firms Are Doing To Ensure Visibility And Control
    Brands need data -- but they face gaps in both their data accuracy and skills, Enterprise Strategy Group reports.
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