• The Retail Sector
    Today we will be doing a quick overview of the email senders in the retail sector. At the top of the list is Neiman Marcus, which reaches out to its customer base via email marketing on an almost daily basis. Of all the retailers I've monitored, Neiman Marcus has the most robust email marketing program I've seen.
  • Lucrative Link Strategies
    Dear Email Diva: How can my client use email to highlight/emphasize product and drive more traffic to their site through linking? p
  • Understanding Authentication: A Simple Analogy
    I am often approached by marketers who want to understand email authentication, but find it difficult to get beyond the industry jargon often used to define it. Authentication, in general, can be a very difficult subject to connect with. Most people I know in the email space don't understand the back-end mechanics of how email is delivered in the first place -- much less the difference between reputation services, authentication and accreditation, and how they impact email programs.
  • Finding The Lost Subscriber
    Last week, we discussed some competitive email strategies. Today's article addresses a critical issue for email marketers -- winning back lost subscribers.
  • Presidents' Day
    Another Presidents' Day has come and gone. I took a look at who was offering Presidents' Day sales via email. Here is what I found....
  • The Cost To Acquire An Email Address
    Dear Email Diva: I am trying to find the average cost of acquisition for an email address. Obviously it depends on the type of business, etc. but I see lots of data on average pay-per-clicks and the price of buying an email list, but nothing on what the cost is for acquiring the email addresses of your "customers" to build your database. Any thoughts?
  • Before It's Too Late: Just-In-Time Information
    The notion of Just-in-time (JIT) information is not new. It evolved from the concept of Just-in-time inventory used in automotive manufacturing, designed to make efficient use of materials to support real-time needs. Sound familiar? My feeling is that putting concepts like JIT into different frames is thought leadership -- it expands our view and brings us out of the tactical jungles where we live.
  • Three Ways Your Competitors Will Beat You in 2007
    Last week, we tackled the top questions email marketers ask when faced with rendering issues in the inbox. This week we're delivering some more critical information to you: the top three ways your competitors are going to beat you in 2007.
  • Imagine
    Imagine a world where everyone receives the email marketing messages that they want -- no more and no less. Spammers are a thing of the past, and anti-email vigilantes are no more. You'll receive offers and information from companies that perhaps you haven't heard of -- but the offers are for things you're really interested in, and are passed on by people whom you trust. What would email marketing look like in such a world? In a word: like magic
  • It's All About Me
    Dear Email Diva: We are a B2B ecommerce site that requires our customers to register with us in order to see pricing. We inform our customers that by registering they will receive emails from us regarding information and promotions. How can we increase our open and click-through rates?
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