• Inside the Daily Candy
    One of the more highly prized and costly (from a CPM standpoint) e-mail newsletters is The Daily Candy. Positioned as a guide to what's cool before anyone else knows its cool, The Daily Candy's look and feel is feminine and stylized with watercolor caricatures gracing every issue. It is also segmented by city, giving the what's cool guide to places such as New York, San Francisco, Boston, etc. and you subscribe to each city separately.
  • The 5 Pain Points of E-mail Marketing
    I recently asked a group of marketers what their five biggest pain points were when it came to e-mail marketing. Below are the results:
  • Those Darn Nigerians
    There is a new version of the 4-1-9 e-mail scam that has been going around auction sites and the "For Sale" sections of various Web communities lately. Known as the 4-1-9 scam after 4-1-9 section of the Nigerian Penal Code, most people are familiar with these scams usually from some "barrister" of some foreign country who has heard about me through a trusted source and wants me to help him get money out of the country by depositing the money in my account. I get so many of these letters I figure I must be on some Nigerian telephone booth …
  • March Madness
    It's March Madness time so I thought it might be interesting to peak into what the auto manufactures are up to with their e-mail marketing. I took a look at the last two weeks of e-mail messages to see what Detroit is up to these days:
  • The Uncertainty Factor
    The other day I was reading one of my special interest e-mail newsgroups and someone posted to the moderator of the site that they had received a request for information from Topica, who hosts this particular e-mail group. They were concerned because of the rash of phishing going on with fake eBay e-mails, bank credit card e-mails, etc.
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