• Plug It, Stick It, Rock it: The New Email Mantra?
    So I am hanging out on Captiva Island, Fla., this week at MediaPost's own Email Insider Summit. I have been attending these summits for many years now, and there are always stories that become folklore among us -- stories that always manage to bubble to the surface at inconvenient and embarrassing times. So, rather than wait for that moment, I figured I would 1) create it, and 2) turn it into email advice. Here goes:
  • Retail Email Marketers Rapidly Adopting Pinterest
    Just when it seemed that the social media landscape was solidifying around Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, Pinterest burst onto the scene. As of February, Pinterest became the No. 3 social network by web traffic behind Facebook and Twitter, according to Experian Hitwise data. That growth has not only led to brands launching Pinterest pages, but to marketers promoting those pages in their email campaigns.
  • When One Email Isn't Enough
    Although many email marketers are concerned about sending too much email, the simple truth is that one email message often isn't enough to persuade people to take the actions you want. Sometimes, consumers just need to be reminded about the subscription that's expiring or the software they downloaded but haven't tested yet. Below are four approaches that use automated messages to prompt your customers into acting:
  • A Conversation About Conversions
    I think just about everyone in email marketing has had the discussion (or should I say conversation) about conversation versus conversion. Is it about the conversation or the conversion? Certainly, if marketing doesn't result in conversions, then what are we being paid for? However, as any top salesperson will tell you, a good conversation is often the first step to a sale -- and the best salespeople are as good or better at listening as they are talking.
  • Put A Pin In Your Email Program: Tactics For Integrating Pinterest
    The ability to leverage the email channel to build and grow a Pinterest presence is a relatively easy task to accomplish. Here are a few quick tricks and "good-to-knows" about bringing these two channels together -- beyond the act of adding a "follow us on Pinterest" icon in your standard social set:
  • The Great Divide: Why Best-Practice Marketers Get To The Inbox, While Average Ones Don't
    By now many readers of this column probably know that our latest Global Email Deliverability Benchmark Report found that it's becoming more challenging to reach the inbox than ever before, with worldwide inbox placement rates (IPR) declining from 81% in the first half of 2011 to 76% in the second half of the year. Think that's the bad news? It's actually not. Drilling deeper into the data, things actually look much, much worse -- especially for some companies.
  • Three Ways To Class Up Your Email-to-Landing-Page Experience
    Marketers spend untold hours and dollars dreaming up inbox-level inspiration. From the concept to the code, our teams invest themselves in delivering perfect email experiences. But where do our subscribers go from there? When only about 30% of recipients even take the time to open and engage with our work, and then an even smaller number take the action we've asked them to, we need to treat those who click through like email VIPs. Clicking through is like stepping onto a flight with our brand, and following the email with a less-than-optimal landing experience undermines the work we've done and …
  • Cadence, Lifecycle And Values
    How do you discern the difference between success and failure, when the pressure to produce is ever present? In the world of advertising, the message is the catalyst, but frequency of exposure is what drives behaviors -- good or bad. Even bad commercials and promotions can succeed in driving brand engagement and brand perception when exposure is high. We are in a fickle time, where overexposure is challenging the quality of brand relationships and consumers are numbing to the white noise of advertising.
  • Triggered Messages: A Retail Email Checklist
    I'm a fan of triggered email messages for what they can add to a basic broadcast email program: namely, high-value messages, deeper engagement and significant revenue. Based on my interactions and work with clients, I've created a checklist of triggered email messages for retail/ecommerce email marketers. Some can also be modified for B2B scenarios.
  • Got Content? Get It To Your Prospects With Email
    Content marketing is the new black dress -- a versatile strategy that makes your company stand out in your industry. Companies today are producing more and more valuable content to enhance their presence online and attract new prospects into their sales funnel.Offering exclusive content is a great way to acquire qualified prospects. But how to get their attention? Email is a fantastic channel for targeting the right people, especially for B2B marketers. In an acquisition endeavor, you want to adhere to the highest possible standards.
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