• The Long-Tail Model: Reaching Enterprise Tech Buyers By Email
    TechTarget provides content to 18,000 specialized users. John Steinert explains how it knows when they intend to purchase.
  • A Gentle Nudge: How Email Drives Webinar Attendance
    Email effectiveness has risen by 31% in general -- and 35% on weekends, according to a study by BrightTALK.
  • Continental Drift: Euro Marketers Feel They're Lagging
    Less than half of European marketers feel they are good at what they do. And over half would rather change their field, a study shows.
  • Out The Door: Consumers Will Leave Over Irrelevant Emails, Study Shows
    It's easy for retailers to drive shoppers away. Here are some no-no's.
  • Calling Brussels: What Is Happening With GDPR?
    The EU's GDPR has been in effect for a month. What has happened since then? Not much.
  • Furniture Row Polishes Its Email Reputation
    A national furniture chain has increased its open rate by improving its sender reputation and deliverability, working with 250ok.
  • Email Boom On The Fourth Of July
    Want to set off fireworks with your July 4th email promotions? Follow the examples reported by MailCharts.
  • Email Leads In B2B, But Search Is Coming Up On The Inside: Study
    Email remains the "go-to channel" in B2B. Of 160 executives, 81% say it is best at converting leads late in the funnel. Search comes in second, cited by 56%
  • Privacy With A Gimlet Eye: Consumers Are Suspicious, But Practical
    Most Americans will share data in return for benefits. And their email address is first on the list, a DMA-Acxiom study finds.
  • The Object Of Their Obsession: Putting The Customer First
    Are you customer obsessed? Or customer naive? This can have a bearing on your email, Forrester says.
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