• The COVID-19 Script: How To Act On The Changing Email Response In April
    This is not the time for great urgency in subject lines. Instead, use subtle urgency, says Worldata CEO Jay Schwedelson.
  • Email Delivery, Rain Or Shine: Getting Your Emails Into The Inbox
    Twilio SendGrid provides tips for marketers on how to maintain their reputation and improve email deliverability.
  • March Mayhem: Email Volume And KPIs Were All Over The Lot
    The retail and travel fields saw declines in March email volume following the usual dips from January to February, Cheetah Digital reports.
  • The B2B Data Scramble: Most Brands Plan To Spend More On Quality This Year
    Although brands are increasing their spending on data, few believe data improvement affects personalization or ABM, Dun & Bradstreet reports. Email tied for first in usage.
  • Finding The Sweet Spot In Aging In The Era Of COVID-19
    McClennan Group's co-founder talks about what brands are doing wrong when marketing to seniors -- and what they're doing right.
  • SMB DIY: Small Firms Do Their Own Email Copy And Design, With Mixed Results
    Two-thirds of small businesses use email, and most of those say it's important, AWeber reports.
  • Me And My Home: Consumers Turn To The Basics During COVID-19 Confinement
    Home retailers and health/beauty brands are enjoying robust online sales and engagement, Namogoo reports.
  • Sharing Feelings And Cutting Prices: Consumers Want Bargains And Empathy In Ads
    Many shoppers say ads are relevant. Among channels, email ranks fifth in effectiveness, RevJet reports.
  • The RFP Plateau: Ad And PR Providers See Declines During COVID-19 Crisis
    A third of all proposal teams report a falloff in RFP volume, Loopio reports.
  • COVID-19 Spam Jam: Gmail Says It Blocks 100 Million Phishing Emails Per Day
    Some phishing messages impersonate the World Health Organization, and at least one asks for donations in bitcoin.
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