• Quick Wins For Email Marketers In 2015
    Going into the new year, instead of focusing on the new, let's focus on the easy. Here are my picks for low-effort/high-return initiatives for email marketers in 2015:
  • What To Do When You Know What Your Customers Are Going To Do
    If you knew the river was going to flood, would you head for higher ground? Of course you would. If you knew more than a hundred new people would show up at your door to buy today's special, would you plan to have that special in stock? You'd be foolish not to do so. Now, if you knew which customers were likely to defect, or to buy certain products not previously purchased, what would you do? What would your emails say? Would you act differently than you do currently?
  • Rut Or Grave?
    I started this column to explore trends and what to expect in 2015, but changed the topic after reading this quote: "The only difference between a rut and a grave is the dimensions."
  • Two Uber Trends From Cyber Week
    Are you as happy as I am that the Cyber Week holiday extravaganza is behind us? Before it fades in the rear-view mirror, however, I'd like to call your attention to two major shifts that happened this year, and how email marketers can take advantage of them in 2015.
  • Work In Your Swim Lane: An Email Plan For What You Can Control
    We are in the midst of the holiday season, which is arguably the most intense time for email marketers. While many of you have your plans for the season well defined, very few brands I have spoken with have any wiggle room in their crazy schedules to even think about what happens after Dec. 31.Planning that far out can be daunting for email marketers, especially since other company departments may have more scope in overall marketing plans, but you should plan for what you can control.
  • The 2015 'Rock Your Data' Challenge
    While most marketers completely get the notion of big data, most of the marketing teams I've spoken with over the past year realize they are not putting this data to use in ways that improve the customer experience, drive conversion and achieve their marketing goals. So why aren't more marketers rocking their data? Well, it can be a difficult and daunting process. As 2015 approaches, many of us will be challenging ourselves to hit the gym, eat fewer bonbons and generally become the better version of ourselves. Let's also use the new year as a chance to challenge ourselves on …
  • Black Friday Week Trends In Email Marketing
    The holiday season is always in motion, as consumer behavior changes and retailers jockey to adjust to those changes and stand out. Retailers' email marketing strategies also continue to shift, as an important part of their holiday strategy. Here are a couple of trends from Black Friday Week this year:
  • A Mobile Weekend Like No Other
    After taking a gander at a variety of retail numbers over the weekend, I landed on IBM's U.S. Retail Black Friday Report, which, in keeping with recent trends, was released earlier than in any past year. Did my hypothesis about mobile pervasiveness play out? I'd say, YES!
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