• Charts and Blather
    Those of you who have been reading this e-mail column for a while now might realize that I write two basic types of columns. One is editorial, which this specific article would fall into, where I blather on about some subject or other. The other is more "case study" focused with charts and graphs and data and very little editorializing on my part.
  • From the Home Office
    This week I thought it would be interesting to take a look at the last 30 days of e-mail and see who's in the top 10 in various categories. The following data is based on data collected over the last 30 days by CETS, our comprehensive e-mail tracking system.
  • WhoIs On First?
    Remember the old Abbott and Costello routine, Who's On First? The confusion that ensued is similar to the head scratching that can go on by examining the records in today's Whois database, the public record of who owns what domain name.
  • Segmentation
    I've been doing some research into segmentation lately and testing various lists to see if they send out different creative, subject lines and so forth, to different demographic profiles.
  • Potpourri
    Today's column will be a bit of a potpourri as we jump around to a number of different topics I've found interesting over the past week or so.
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