• SMBs And The Email Spend: It's First Among Bigger Firms
    Companies with $10 million to $20 million in sales spend more on email than other channels, Ignite Visibility reports.
  • Customers Are Forever In New Strategic Approach
    Most firms are not yet focusing on customer success, and those that are face impediments, Strikedeck reports.
  • Worldwide Opens And Clicks: Newsletters Do Well, Triggered Emails Even Better
    North America is far from dominant in engagement metrics. Europe -- perhaps because of GDPR -- is stronger, GetResponse reports.
  • Leading The Pack: How Brands Drive Quality Leads
    Email marketing is the second most-used lead-generation tactic, second only to social media, Ascend2 reports.
  • Restitution Blues: FTC Loses Appeal In Credit Report Scam Case
    The court rules that the FTC did not have authority to order an alleged scam artist to pay restitution to consumers.
  • The Nigerian Prince Lives: Feds Indict 80 In Massive International Email Fraud
    The alleged conspirators purchased a list of real estate agents in New York to distribute malicious software, the indictment states.
  • Digital Allegiance: Almost A Third Of Consumers Put Online First
    Digital-first consumers shop online several times a month, and love retail technology, the Alliance Data Analytics and Insights Institute reports.
  • Benchmark Beaters: Email Open And Click-through Rates Jump Worldwide
    The improvements can be attributed to list hygiene and more relevant messaging, says Acoustic in its 2019 Marketing Benchmark Report.
  • Son Of GDPR: Are You Ready For The CCPA?
    The California privacy law takes effect next January. But over half of all U.S. firms aren't ready for it, PossibleNOW reports.
  • Working Hard Or Hardly Working, Automation Helps
    Workers spend too much time dealing with excessive emails and manual processes, Google Cloud reports.
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