• Stop Testing Subject Lines
    Marketers are taught to test and learn so they can keep getting better results. Why then, are we all still testing subject lines? While these are the easiest tests to set up and run, they also have the smallest potential to drive better results.
  • Five Lifecycle Programs You Probably Don't Have, But Should
    Email marketers that put data to action by leveraging technology and automation realize a sizable profit. Many of them listen to customer behaviors and already have several programs running, such as an abandoned cart program, a welcome program, etc. However, when tasked to come up with new programs outside of a standard vertical blueprint, they tend to fall short. These types of programs take time and planning on top of an already intensive daily schedule, so no wonder that the creative juices stop flowing. Fear not, though. Here are six programs that could provide incremental revenue and build satisfaction among …
  • How to Move Machine Learning From Possibility To Practice
    Imagine a world with no spell check -- then suddenly hearing someone say that there were tools available to autocorrect all your spelling in any language on the fly. "Blasphemy!" people might cry, until they tried it. Marketers today might think the same thing if you tell them that machine learning can improve their email campaigns.
  • Email Marketing Messages With A Message
    The commercial message is becoming a popular medium for dissent, or at least it seems that way in the early days of Donald Trump's presidency. More brands are using email marketing to deliver or amplify their cause and views.
  • It's Not 'JUST' Email
    There are so many skeptics when it comes to the longevity of the email marketing space. Some believe email will be replaced with social, SMS or push, others believe that Millennials and younger generations will not embrace it as channel, and still others don't even think it is effective today. To all of this, I say, nonsense! Just as direct mail still has a place in the communication mix, so too does email.
  • Maslow's Hierarchy Of Needs: Email Edition
    Abraham Maslow's 1943 paper "A Theory of Motivation," originally published in Psychological Review, shared his theory of human psychological growth in humans, called the "hierarchy of needs." He says that to move up in the hierarchy of psychological development, one must have more basic needs met before progressing to the next level in the hierarchy, which is illustrated by a pyramid diagram. This pyramid view is often cited in marketing courses because it outlines human psychological needs that marketers should keep in mind as they develop strategies across the four Ps of marketing: product, placement, pricing, and promotion.
  • Data Doesn't Lie -- People Do
    I've been reading a variety of 2016 benchmark trends. Things seem to be trending well for inbox delivery and engagement for email, but I'm so unimpressed with the analysis that typically comes with it.
  • Five Ways Email Marketing Will Change In 2017, 2018
    I spend a lot of time looking at new marketing technologies. Over the last 16 years, I've seen new technologies reach rapid adoption because they work within the real-world constraints of email marketing teams. In other cases, I've seen email marketing teams change to take advantage of the potential of new technologies. I would expect the following trends that I'm seeing in a few email marketing platforms to become more widespread over the next year or two:
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