• Follow The Form: How To Get Good B2B Contact Data
    B2B expert Bernice Grossman explains where companies go wrong when asking for information.
  • GDPR Buffoonery: Email Addresses Widely Leaked In Privacy Notices
    You thought it was only Ghostery leaking email addresses in its GDPR notices? Think again.
  • Yet Another Wrinkle in GDPR: ICANN Sues To Force Data Collection
    A legal action filed on Friday asks a court to force a registrar based in Bonn, Germany to collect email addresses and other information.
  • The Retail Firmament: Email And The Customer Experience
    Retailers have not yet mastered omnichannel marketing, and need to improve their email, BRP finds in a survey.
  • Day Of Reckoning: GDPR Is Here, And It's Bigger Than Beyonce
    Friday is GDPR day. Here's how companies like Acxiom have gotten ready for it.
  • Study Finds: Nigerian Princes Really Are From Nigeria
    Nigerian scam artists are part of an organized crime system that uses legitimate infrastructure. They now focus on BEC attacks.
  • Promotional Pitfalls: What To Do And Not Do In Email
    People like email promotions -- as long as they are fair and not sent too often, Forrester reports.
  • Cranking Out The Newsletter: 14 Ways To Streamline The Process
    You've been handed the job of putting out the newsletter. Here are tips for making it easier (and more effective).
  • Seven Days In May: That's All There Is Before GDPR Takes Effect
    The countdown has begun -- GDPR is looming, and many firms are still not prepared, an IBM survey found.
  • Will EFAIL Derail Email? No Worries
    Calm down, everyone -- the threat known as EFAIL will have little or no impact on email marketing.
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