• Vendor Dereliction: Few Suppliers Deploying DMARC, Research Finds
    A scan of cybersecurity exhibitors revealed that few are employing a key anti-phishing tool.
  • The Hidden Persuader: Email Drives Consumers To The Phone
    Inbound calling drives higher conversion and retention rates. But you need email to make it work.
  • Think Like Amazon: A Q&A With QwkBuy's Bob Delamore
    Consumers can now order directly through an email and see videos the minute they open the message. Those are two of the capabilities being offered by QwkBuy.
  • Email Scourge: A Quarter Of All Messages Are Spam Or Worse
    How good is your security system? Mimecast examined 45 million emails and found that almost a quarter were bad or likely bad.
  • Email The Go-To Channel: Retailers Say It's Their Top Moneymaker
    Email comes out on top once again, this time in a survey on retail and user-generated content.
  • Will Email Age Out? No, Hi-Tech Could Drive Growth
    Some surveys call the future of email into doubt. But it should thrive when new technologies kick in.
  • Cyber War Is Hell: Cisco Posts Grim Email Crime Forecast
    Cisco documents cyber threats that could bring down the Internet itself.
  • Zero Sum B2B: Email Barely Tracks In Sales-Tech Survey
    Email tracking tools come up short in a sales technology survey. But they may be useful in an integrated approach.
  • Scrub Up Your Copy: A Guide To Writing Email Messages
    Keep your copy neat and clean, even if you have to count words and syllables to do it.
  • Help! Customers Value Service Above All Else
    Consumers want service more than a 24/7 omnichannel experience, a new survey finds.
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