• R.I.P., My Dear Email -- You Will Be Missed
    Don't worry, folks, this is not another one of those "Email is dead" sound bytes, I promise. But since the ultimate goal-setting exercise is to write your own obituary, I started thinking: why not write an obituary for one of your email programs? It isn't all that difficult to accomplish, and you may just uncover some areas of your program that you aren't as proud of as you led everyone to believe.
  • Are Consumers Using Silos Against You?
    The art of navigating silos and internal politics was a common topic at Mediapost's Email Insider Summit on Captiva Island, Fla. last week. For those who have been around email for a while, we know what we need to do, but figuring out how to actually accomplish it continues to be a challenge.
  • The 'Email Feud' Survey Said...
    At the Email Insider Summit last week, Smith-Harmon pitted B2C marketers against B2B marketers in a good old-fashioned game of "Email Feud." It doesn't matter who won, but what "the survey said" is interesting. We asked 483 email marketers three questions, each with five answers to select from...
  • Is A Lack Of Marketing Alignment Hurting Your Business?
    I think it's safe to say that most people who purchase and recommend products, services and brand experiences like yours are fairly capable when it comes to using computers, Web applications and mobile phones. Wouldn't you agree? Yet many marketers are way behind the times when it comes to integrating email with other complementary messaging channels.
  • Saying 'I'm Sorry': Keys To An Effective Email Correction Process
    "Mistake" emails can be as simple as a glaring typo, wrong pricing, a bad link or bad subject line. Or, they can be near-disastrous by sending out the wrong offer to your entire list. Another mistake, however, is not being prepared for the inevitable. Creating an email "disaster plan" is a necessary strategy in any email program, helping you minimize the damage from being caught off-guard and avoid future mistakes.
  • Earth Day 2010: Email Advances The Cause
    Today, there is a laundry list of tax credits, rebates and financial incentives to encourage both individuals and businesses to "go green." These include tax credits for green home repairs, tax rebates for the purchase of a hybrid car, and significant business tax deductions for making energy-efficient improvements to your place of work. While those are important efforts, businesses often overlook a very easy way to make a real impact on the environment, while improving marketing and saving a lot of money: converting all or a portion of direct mail to email.
  • The Follow-Through: How to Send Stunning Order Confirmation Messages
    So, one of your online shoppers has bitten the bullet and made a purchase from your website (maybe even motivated by your fabulous email creative). While it may be celebration time, your work isn't quite done yet. When gorgeously executed, order and shipping confirmation messages can seal the deal with your customers, making them even more pleased with their recent purchases and perhaps even securing their lifelong loyalty.
  • Raining In Captiva
    When it rains, we talk a lot about email. For the diehard email marketers, welcome to Captiva Island, Fla. for the Email Insider Summit. For those not attending, follow the event at #MPEIS. I've programmed this event the last four times and I'm not sure what's in the air, but there was a lot more demand to speak and be involved in this event. There's a new energy it seems: businesses are strong, marketers' outlooks are bright, and the vendors in the space have a hop in their step.
  • How Did I End Up Here?
    I was recently speaking to a college marketing class about the wonderful world of email marketing. During the lecture, the overwhelming question from the students was, "How do we get to where you are?" So what was my answer? And why should any of you care? (Especially since you are likely already in the space if you're perusing this.) Well, read on and find out.
  • Video In Email Is NOT Magic: Results Come From You
    A lot has been said about the current technical limitations of video in email and some of the ingenious ways that email marketers have found to get some form of video into marketing messages. What hasn't been talked about (much) is the marketing craft associated with using this new technology.
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