• The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly
    This week I'm in Los Angeles for the OMMA Hollywood show and I'm presenting a session called "The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly," in which I review last year's e-mail creative. The following are some of the highlights of that speech.
  • Ask The E-mail Diva: New Account Basics
    A crash course in e-mail 101.
  • Cool New Toys For E-mail Marketing
    Here are three new toys you e-mail kids will want to get your hands on. They're guaranteed to be hot this summer....
  • Word Of Mouth
    Last week I was down in Dallas attending a one-day Ad:tech seminar where I sat in on a breakout session called "Buzz, Blogs and Beyond: Consumer-Generated Media and On-Demand E-mail Marketing"....
  • Ask The E-Mail Diva: Vermont.com
    The Diva wonders how cutesy a newsletter should be.
  • Who's Got The Ball?
    While e-mail is essential to our businesses, and lives and thrives in many departments of an organization, the e-mail channel itself has gotten increasingly complex in how it should be managed inside an organization.
  • BINGO!
    Last week I attended Bingo World, a convention held in Las Vegas, where I spoke on a panel on best e-mail practices.
  • Ask The E-Mail Diva
    Got questions about e-mail? We've got some answers.
  • Acting On The Value Of Your E-mail Addresses
    In the February 20th edition of "E-mail Insider," one of my gurus, Richard Rushing, helped me articulate a basic model for determining the financial value of an e-mail address. Building on this and the response from some readers, Richard added more insight from a strategist's point of view.
  • The Chess Game Continues
    The chess game that started a few weeks ago with the AOL/Goodmail announcement continued this week with AOL countering the MoveOn.org move last week that called the proposed CertifiedMail program an e-mail tax. According to MoveOn.org, the cost to deliver e-mails to the AOL inbox would hurt nonprofit organizations, such as themselves, by making it too expensive to reach their constituents.
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