• Zen Koans, Free Term Papers And The Case Of The Missing Graphics
    One of the things I've learned since we began tracking email is that advertisers that make heavy use of affiliate networks and list brokers to deliver their messages do not have a solid method of monitoring those affiliates and third party lists. They are often in the dark on whether the proper creative was used, if the affiliate is CAN-SPAM compliant, or even which lists they are on.
  • Going Postal
    One of the provisions of the CAN-SPAM Act is the requirement that all marketing emails include an actual working postal address somewhere in the email body so that recipients can write to have their names removed from the marketer's email lists. To a certain degree, this provision is a bit quaint - a remnant from a by gone era. Who in the age of the Internet is going to write a letter to an email marketer instead of clicking on the unsubscribe link?
  • Getting it Right
    With the new Can-Spam legislation now in place and advertisers scrambling to be compliant, I thought I would use this column to discuss my own opinion of what marketers and list owners can do to regain the trust of both customers and the advertising community. Below is a list of questionable practices that I have been tracking over the last few months:
  • The Dating Game
    During the two weeks that the Email Insider has been on hiatus, a couple of interesting events have transpired.
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