• Here's Proof: Gmail Really Is The Top Email Service
    Two surveys show that Gmail is the top email service. But did you know that Hillary Clinton voters think better of it than Donald Trump voters?
  • Video Visionaries: IEEE GlobalSpec Serves Animation In New Email Newsletter
    Ever hear of the Engineering in Motion Newsletter? Open it, and you might see a robot doing knee-bends.
  • Are They Kidding? Survey Shows Small Businesses Prefer Social Over Email
    What is it with small business owners? They rank social media over email. But they're not spending a lot on either.
  • Tough Luck For AT&T Email Users: They're Losing Access To Tumblr
    Can't email users get a break? The latest outrage is that AT&T email accounts will no longer have access to Yahoo and Tumblr.
  • Sly Google Recants: Search Giant Will No Longer Scan Email Content
    Most reports attribute the move to a desire by Google to reassure its Gsuite cloud customers that their information is secure. Google does not scan their emails, but sought to eliminate the issue as it faces tough competition from Microsoft and Amazon for cloud business, "The Verge" said.
  • The Email Fault: Addresses Are The Most Vulnerable Data Point, Survey Finds
    Email addresses are the link that allows hackers to access sensitive personal information. How does a company protect them?
  • Email Grows, But Personalization Remains A Challenge: Study
    Email is a vibrant channel. But marketers face hurdles in achieving deep email personalization, a study finds.
  • Email Joins The Multichannel Pack: Q&A With eRelevance CEO Bob Fabbio
    How does email fit into the multichannel mix? To find out, we did a Q&A with eRelevance CEO Bob Fabbio.
  • Fear Of Advertising: Consumers Dislike Online Ads, But They Value Email
    People dislike online advertising, and many have had bad experiences with it. But they value email, a survey finds.
  • Naked Emails: Report Says Tracking Of Receipt Is On The Rise
    Most marketers track email receipt. But more consumers are doing it as well. And One More Company thinks it's not a good thing.
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