• Tech Takeaways: AI Usage Light, Email Heavy In Salesforce Study
    Most marketers are using email. But only half have deployed AI, a Salesforce survey shows.
  • Email Rising: Study Predicts A $46.8 Billion Market By 2021
    Email is a hot channel, judging by the new report from the Radicato Group: It forecasts an annual growth rate of 18%.
  • The Content Conundrum: It's The Toughest Way To Build Your Email List
    Why waste time with content when it's the hardest way to build an email list? Here's why: It's still rated as effective.
  • Does It Take A Thief To Catch A Thief? Email Security Market To Hit $18B, Report Says
    A new report forecasts that the email security business will hit $18 billion by 2023.
  • Metrics Are The Message: How Associations Did With Their Email In 2016
    Email open and click rates slid for associations in 2016. But groups that used marketing automation achieved higher rates.
  • Retail Dead Zone: Can Email Save Brick-And-Mortar Stores?
    Email may help retailers that move online. But it won't save them from higher rents.
  • Coming Of Age: The Five Rungs Of B2B Content Marketing Maturity
    Next time someone says "grow up," ask them: Which level of content marketing maturity have you attained? Here are the five levels, as defined by ScribbleLive.
  • Email DNA: The Address Is The Best Consumer Identifier, Forrester Says
    A Forrester study affirms that email addresses are the most valuable form of customer ID.
  • Is How You Send More Important Than What You Send?
    Email marketers spend a lot of time, effort, and creative energy building new email programs and perfecting creative. Email marketing teams spend over half their time building, testing, and optimizing HTML emails. Are there other things to focus on? After some research, I can confidently say that once the basic campaign types are covered, there is frequently more leverage in optimizing send practices than building new email programs.
  • Stacking Up: Email Marketers Now Make Their Own Martech Buying Decisions
    Marketers are grabbing control of martech purchasing from IT. That includes email marketers.
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