• COVID-19 Rocks Marketing: Merkle Reports Shifts In Spending And Focus
    Over half of the brands surveyed have significantly increased their email budgets. And 30% expect to change their email technology within the next two years.
  • The Pandemic Bump: Email Open Rates Rose Sharply During Spring, Study Finds
    Continental Europe pulled the highest open and click rates, with North America further down the list, Acoustic reports.
  • Data On The Up And Up: Infogroup-Office Depot Case Revives Copyright Issue
    Brands should copyright their email lists. Surely, it takes creativity and "sweat of the brow" to build one.
  • Pretty Please: The European Rules For Email Consent
    Consumers have to take clear affirmative action before you can email them. Here's an overview of what that entails.
  • Trigger-Happy: Automated Emails To Customers Outpull Batch-And-Blast
    Triggered emails produce higher click-through and conversion rates than batch sends, Blueshift reports.
  • Trump Punked: TikTok Teens Job Campaign By Signing Up For Rally -- And Not Showing
    Activists have long turned the tools of the trade against politicos and marketers who annoy them.
  • Andrew Yang Wants Dollars For Data
    The former Presidential candidate has launched the Data Dividend Project, which seeks to get consumers paid for use of their data.
  • Facebook Tiptoes Into Email: How Far Will It Go?
    Facebook is unlikely to scale up its basic email service for small businesses, experts say.
  • Out Of The Inbox: How Gen Z Feels About Privacy
    Members of the Gen-Z cohort are privacy-conscious. They now have access to products like Hey that can permanently block unwanted emails.
  • Sweat Of the Brow? What The Gupta Copyright Verdict Means For Email List Owners
    The decision, won by Infogroup against DatabaseUSA, could lessen the impact of the Supreme Court's Feist decision on the ground.
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