• GDPR=Better Email Deliverability In Legal And Pro Service Sectors
    Email delivery rates have risen in Europe and North America in most fields, Concep reports. Financial services firms are the winners.
  • Trigger Reactions: What Types Of Email Pull Best
    Cart abandonment emails do best in several metrics, but not all, a Bluecore study finds.
  • Slo-Mo Gen Z: They're Not That Hip To Digital
    Studies show the younger cohort peers love contact and are least worried about digital security.
  • Data And The Dollar: How To Decide What Information Is Worth
    A new bill would force tech giants to report data value to the SEC. History suggests it won't work.
  • Email Out, Business Out: A Three-Day Outage Could Cost Billions
    A single episode caused by a cyber attack could have a $44 billion impact in the UK alone, Kovrr estimates.
  • How Do You Rate? Email Performance Benchmarks By Industry
    Campaign Monitor reports average open and click-through rates for several industries.
  • Who Do You Love -- Google Or Adobe?
    A study by Cardinal Path shows that an analytics duopoly exists -- nobody else even comes close.
  • The Journey To The Sale And Beyond
    Email, scarcely a sliver four years ago, is now second only to the web in journey marketing, according to Kitewheel.
  • Little Brands, Big Marketing: Email's Place In The eStore Mix
    Email is in fourth place as an effective channel, but it is an important tool, GoodFirms reports.
  • Changing Partners: What To Look For When Seeking A New ESP
    Red Pill reports that 76% of brands have switched email service providers, while 24 never have.
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