• Are You Throwing Onboarding Customers Overboard?
    Slow registration processes can drive many people away -- and streamlined ones will get them to sign up and remain, studies show.
  • Email's Place In The Ecommerce Ecosystem
    Email produces low site traffic but a high number of items per order, Episerver reports -- and it is more profitable.
  • Educating Doctors: Haymarket Media Sends Triggered Emails Based On Content Viewed
    Physicians who click on an article about diabetes will soon be served a newsletter with more on the subject.
  • Ask Me Something Personal: Retail Shoppers Want Individual Experiences
    Almost eight out of ten consumers will purchase from a brand that personalizes the experience, Avionos reports.
  • Creative That Works: Email Is The Most Measurable Medium
    The study shows over 60% of brands measure creative. But based on what? Are they really tracking response?
  • Mortgage Lenders Stingy With Marketing Technology
    Only a few lenders utilize email marketing platforms, NestReady reports.
  • Paper Mail On New Trail: SMBs Use It With Email, Other Channels
    Over a quarter of SMBs send direct mail, The Manifest reports. But over half utilize email.
  • What Newbies Want: First-Time Buyers Are Swayed By Price, Study Shows
    Convenience is also key. But shoppers have little patience for excessive emails from retailers, Yes Marketing reports.
  • Dirty Data Does B2B: Why Brands Fail To Reconnect
    With global trends hurting B2B retention, brands have to deal with several pathologies that could ruin their email outreach.
  • Olde-Time Collection Tips: How To Persuade Debtors Via Email
    Creditors may soon be using email to collect debts. Here are tips from almost a century ago on how to charm debtors into paying.
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