• Mind Your P's And Q's: 4 Ways To Improve Your Email Results
    Savvy subject lines, good puns, the right repetition are among the moves experts recommended as best email practices.
  • Get Up And Go November: Early Sales Figures Reflect Surge Demand
    Adobe expects spending to hit $207 billion for the full season (Nov. 1 to Dec. 31), representing 10% growth YoY.
  • Holiday Apple Pie: MPP Is Having An Impact At A Bad Time
    The email complaint rate has risen even as unsubscribes have gone down, Validity reports.
  • Fear Of Checkout: Emotional Reasons For Cart Abandonment
    Shoppers are insecure about money. And some fill up carts simply to make themselves feel good - with no intention of buying, Brandwatch reports.
  • Global Grumpiness: Consumers Are Unhappy With Their Digital Experience
    Businesses are racing to catch up with rising customer expectations, two studies show.
  • Mining The Gold In Your ESP: Many Email Marketers Question Whether It's There
    Few firms say their campaigns are effective, and some have trouble using their data, Simon Data reports.
  • B2B Mobile Mania: Young Staffers Use Smartphones To Buy Business Products
    Mobile activities range from search to purchase to follow-up, Rightpoint reports.
  • If You Know Me, Show It: What Consumers Demand Of Personalization
    The McKinsey report lists the strategies that brands can use to understand their customers. Most of them can be accomplished with email.
  • The Open Rate Chokes: Apple MPP Obstructs Its Use As A Metric
    The iOS15 now accounts for 24% of all Apple opens -- and it's growing. And many of these opens are prefetched, SparkPost reports, which means they could be false opens.
  • Betting On Black Friday: Shoppers Are Waiting For Deals Despite Fear Of Shipping Delays
    Contrary to what you may have heard, most consumers are not shopping early this year. They're slow to start despite supply-chain worries.
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