• Virally Yours
    A few years ago plenty was being written about the potential goldmine that viral e-mail marketing offered online marketers who learned how to take advantage of it.
  • 2005 Predictions
    Alright, it's that time of year when I put on my prestidigitation hat and make my 2005 predications for e-mail.
  • The Apprentice Factor
    The most fundamental unit of online advertising, exactly what constitutes an impression, has finally been decided by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), or at least suggested and recommended.
  • Live From Ad:Tech
    I just got off the stage from an e-mail panel at Ad:Tech and for those that could not be there, here is a summary of what I talked about:
  • Instant Campaigns
    It is hard to believe that the anniversary of the first banner ad just hit 10 years this week and of course e-mail marketing has been around just as long. Ten years!
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