• Charting The Journey: The Hurdles In Mapping The Customer Path
    A majority of brands are using defined journey maps or building them. And email is the most effective touchpoint, Ascend2 reports.
  • Everything But The Bike: RevZilla Accelerates Its Email Marketing
    The motorcycle products brand moves from batch-and-blast emails to an automated triggered program, using Sailthru.
  • Data Hermits: Consumers Are Wary About Sharing Information, Study Finds
    Some individuals will not even share data with health-care providers. But privacy can be used as a brand differentiator, Privitar reports.
  • Catch Them At Their Desks: Email Is The Most-Used Channel For Employee Messaging In Pandemic
    Almost all companies use email for worker communications, and over half are using it more during the pandemic, PoliteMail reports. Does that mean you can reach them with marketing emails?
  • It's A COVID-19 Christmas: Shoppers Expect To Spend Less This Year
    Two-thirds of consumers plan to buy online -- and they plan to shop earlier than they did in 2019, Cheetah Digital reports.
  • The Pandemic Draw: New Customers Poured In And Spent More From March Through June
    Order volume and customer acquisition both grew compared to the same period in 2019, Alliant reports.
  • The Yawning Gap: Index Shows Lapses In Email Performance By Retailers
    The aggregate score based on five areas is lower than what brands give themselves, Listrak reports.
  • Galloping Personalization: Ecommerce Brands Rush To Meet COVID-19-Driven Surge
    Retailers personalize their websites more to retain customers than to acquire new ones, Yieldify reports.
  • Marketing At Play: Brands Are Slowly Moving Toward 'Immersive' Content
    The main barriers to more entertaining material are lack of budget, in-house skills and executive buy-in, Ceros reports.
  • Fly By Night: Airline Emails Wide Open To Cyber Fraud, Study Finds
    Only 7% of airlines worldwide protect travelers with 'Reject,' the highest level of DMARC protection, Proofpoint reports. And you thought lack of social distancing on flights was the main hassle when it comes to flying.
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