• Restoring Trust To Complaint Rates
    What would an ideal complaint system look like? How would it work?
  • Ask the E-mail Diva: Personalization
    Dear E-mail Diva: How critical is it to personalize subject lines and open messages with a first and/or last name?
  • A Strategic View Of E-mail Newsletters
    I've seen at least 20 new articles this year about e-mail newsletters and how to improve them--and now the Nielson Norman Group Report comes out on newsletter guidelines. Unlike all these reports, today's column is not another tactical list of things you must do to produce a good newsletter. Rather, today's column will take a more strategic approach.
  • Complaining About Complaints: Part I
    It's a very normal first reaction to defend against complaints. E-mail marketers know something about the importance of complaints, and the value of keeping their rates down. Yet there may be some valid reason for e-mail marketers to complain about complaints, or at least the way they are calculated today and the systems in place for handling them. It turns out that the system of complaining about e-mail is actually quite broken. E-mail marketers have some justifiable complaints.
  • Dear E-mail Diva: E-mail Tools & DIY
    Dear E-mail Diva, I have my own e-mail and try to watch my competitor's e-mails, but I don't always have the time to do good competitive analysis. I can monitor competitors' Web sites and use Alexa and Google trends for some Web site intelligence, but are there tools or methods for monitoring what the competition is doing with e-mail? </ p> --Mike Petit Miami, FL
  • E-mail Acquisition: A Lost Art?
    You need to find qualified new customers. Are you considering e-mail lists, or is that a scary notion for you these days? E-mail consumers have become numb with all the consolidation of data files, the increased frequency of e-mail and the overwhelming misuse of e-mail by nontraditional marketers. So what is the best way to reach new markets and customers through e-mail?
  • Swimming in Data: Retail
    I've become an Excel Pivot Table junkie over the last few days....
  • Trouble Viewing?
    Last week The E-mail Diva went on and on about overemphasizing response data at the expense of the big picture. This week, I delve into the minutiae of a particularly vexing stat. Go figure.
  • The Costs Of Non-Delivered E-mail
    You work hard to communicate with your customers through e-mail. But what if you can't get your message through to the intended recipients due to arbitrary blocking by ISPs, corporate filters, consumer filters, or junk mail folders? What does that REALLY cost you over time?
  • Brokeback E-mail
    Recent case studies have shown that dramatic increases in click-through and conversion of retention-based e-mails can be achieved through list segmentation and by providing unique creative geared toward a specific demographic profile....
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