• Do-Nothing Data: Salesforce Survey Finds Hurdles in Access And Usage
    Most companies are putting a priority on use of data and measurement to navigate the socioeconomic situation.
  • The Growing Victim List: Data Breaches Rose In Q1, Hitting More People
    The number of people affected by breaches is up from the Q4 2020 total, but down from Q1 2020. Email remains a primary attack vehicle, Identity Theft Resource Center reports.
  • The Buzz On B2B: Email Is Tops For Both Acquisition And Retention
    B2B marketers agree that things will return to normal, but they differ in terms of when it will happen, with some saying it won't happen until 2022, MeritB2B reports.
  • Tip-Top Tech: Six Trends That Will Redefine Digital Marketing
    From customer data ownership to omnichannel audience modeling, these are the things that every brand must understand, Deloitte Digital says.
  • Digital Boomerang: New Online Customers Drive Boost In Returns
    Customer acquisition boomed in 2020, Alliant reports. New customers spent 144% more last year than they did in 2019.
  • The Sway Of The CCPA: How Consumers Have Reacted To The Law
    The average company receives 137 data subject requests per million identities, DataGrail reports.
  • B2B Myopia: Brands And Visitors Disagree On What Works On Websites
    In one surprising finding, prospects are more positive about gated content than marketers, Orbit Media Studios and Ascend2 report.