• Stats And Snippets On B2B Email: Why It's The Most Effective Lead-Generation Tool
    Email is expected to drive a massive number of leads this year, above all other channels, DigitalSilk reports.
  • How They Stack Up: Brands List Their Martech Challenges
    Most firms lack an operational strategy for optimizing their marketing stacks. But they are working on it, Ascend2 reports.
  • The Transactional Terrain: What Brands Are Doing Right And Wrong
    Firms are largely failing to conduct A/B testing, and the complaint rate has gone up, SparkPost reports.
  • Did You Know Today Is Data Privacy Day?
    DataGrail reports people will opt out when firms send them too much email. That is part of its 2020 Consumer Privacy Report, released in commemoration of Data Privacy Day.
  • The ROI Of Privacy: Cisco Study Finds High Returns On Spend
    Almost half of all firms are getting back more than double for every dollar they invest in privacy.
  • Holiday Shakeout: Bloomingdale's And Sephora Top Email Ranking
    Most retailers failed to personalize their emails based on shopper behavior. And they sent too many, SmarterHQ reports.
  • Alphabet Soup: Martech Systems Are Letting Retailers Down
    ESPs have a limited use, with A/B testing being the most popular task, Forrester reports.
  • Before, After And In The Middle: Consumers Cite Retail Message Choices
    A study finds 35% of consumers prefer email before shopping vs. 19% who prefer text, while after purchase 49% prefer email, 24% opt for text and 27% prefer online chat.
  • You Don't Need ESP To Choose An ESP
    Email service providers are offering new features, often at lower prices, Acxiom's Carolyn Nye reports.
  • The Limits Of Loyalty: Brands Have Data, But Not All Are Using It
    Only 34% of firms with loyalty programs are using data to find like-minded customers, PDI finds.
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