• Is Text Next? Automotive Marketing Exec Says It Will Replace Email
    Brian Pasch says email is an outmoded channel, and that consumers prefer texting. But is it really either-or?
  • The Hole In The CDP Donut: How Email Marketers Can Fill It In
    Customer data platforms are weak on privacy compliance. That's because many don't put data first, Tealium says.
  • Email Stealth Attacks: New Ways Of Breaching Legacy Systems
    Security providers have failed to block dangerous emails, INKY asserts in a report.
  • GDPR Rumblings: CMPs Aren't Keeping Up, MIT Warns
    Most websites bury "reject all" buttons two layers deep. But "accept all" buttons are never hidden.
  • Ecommerce Holiday Haul: Mobile Drives Online Growth
    Adobe and Salesforce report a digital sales bonanza, with $142.5 billion being racked up in the U.S. alone.
  • Greetings That Put Your Nerves On Edge: What Never To Say In An Email
    A Perkbox survey identifies the best and worst email greetings and sign-offs.
  • Scholar Scam: Phishing Artists Prey On Academics
    The cost worldwide of even dealing with these spam emails exceeds $1 billion per year, researchers find.
  • What Lies Between The First Click And The Last Click? Nobody Knows
    Social media users are limited in their attribution capability, according to a report from Slickdeals.
  • Mailchimp Is Bananas: Firm Posts Big Email Numbers
    An annual report reveals big email volume numbers and the type of creative being used by clients.
  • Leaky Apps: Email Addresses, Other Personally Identifiable Information Are Far From Secure
    Online retail apps are the most insecure, followed by brick-and-mortar retail apps, NowSecure reports.
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