• Feeding The Monster: Just How Big Is The Email Service Market?
    A study puts the size of the email market at $4.51 billion. Is this for real -- and do they expect you to buy the full report based on that?
  • More Bad News On GDPR
    Many firms are unaware of GDPR -- and are not ready to comply, a survey of Dreamforce attendees finds.
  • The Consumer ID: Survey Probes Their Email Attitudes
    Consumers check their emails every day -- but not often. And they are more likely to open messages from brands they recognize, according to a survey by the UK DMA.
  • Scared Of Cyber: Consumers Fear Burglars Less, Study Shows
    Consumers are more afraid of getting ripped off online than just about anything, a new survey has determined.
  • The Laughing Emoji: Got It!
    Want to reach people with emojis? In the U.S., the best method is to make them laugh.
  • Santa Rolls The Dice: Cyber Weekend Is Here
    No more waiting -- marketers will soon know the results of their Thanksgiving campaigns. Here are some tips for emailers.
  • Cloud Formation: Best Practices For Computing Way Up There
    The cloud is a relatively new resource. Here is a review of some pending rules on the cloud under the GDPR.
  • Cyber Turkey Day: Send Your Emails On Thanksgiving, Report Says
    Want to achieve higher open rates and sales this holiday weekend? Don't wait until Black Friday to send your emails.
  • Ditch The Bunker Mentality: Email Works Better With Other Channels
    A new study by Braze shows that firms that rely only on email are leaving money on the table.
  • America First: U.S. Firms Are Best Prepared For GDPR
    Go figure -- after all the commotion, U.S. firms are more ready for GDPR than their European counterparts, Thales found in a study.
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