• The Price Of Loyalty: Consumers Want Discounts Above All Else
    Email marketers should feature popular benefits in both promotional and transactional messages, judging by a HelloWorld study.
  • Millennials Spread The Wealth: Those In SMBs Spend On TV And Online Channels
    Almost all younger owners and managers advertise, and are most likely to use traditional media.
  • The Sanctity Of Email: Keeping The Government Out Of Our Inboxes
    Warrantless email seizures violate the Fourth Amendment, the ACLU argues in a filing with the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.
  • Can Alexa Keep A Secret? Privacy Concerns May Prevent Its Use For Email
    Amazon's voice assistant will probably not work for email marketing -- for a variety of reasons, experts say.
  • Behind The Boom: What's Driving The Claimed Email Comeback
    Stirista CEO Ajay Gupta offers insights into the current state of email marketing and where's it's going in the retail and political fields.
  • The Click Generation: Teens More Likely To Accept Email Ads
    A PowerInbox study shows that most teens will click through to a relevant ad.
  • Escaping The Spam Box: Fewer Emails Are Ending Up There, Study Shows
    The spam placement rate fell by 5% in 2018, Return Path reports, partly because subscribers are more actively managing their inboxes.
  • GDPR Nine Months In: B2C Firms Fear Impact On Sales
    Ninety percent of marketers feel they understand GDPR. But only 20% of their firms are now fully compliant, according to the UK DMA.
  • A Bouquet Of Sales: 1-800 Flowers Still Dominates Valentine's Day Market
    The top sales day is February 13 for brands like 1-800 Flowers and Teleflora, Edison Trends reports.
  • Millennials Can't Even Lick A Stamp: Report
    Studies show young people still prefer email over other marketing channels. But that may be changing too.
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