• Amtrak Is For Lovers: Railroad's Valentine's Day Effort Features Email, E-Cards
    Amtrak's launch promo offers two tickets for the price of one, and it is promoting brand tie-ins with 1-800-Flowers and Teleflora.
  • Napping Retail: Brands Must Do A Better Job With Emails, Study Shows
    Forrester reports that retailers are missing opportunities with their reminder emails.
  • Test Your Email IQ: Stats And Trends From Marketers Around The Globe
    Spam traps are the main problem they face as they devote over 10% of their marketing budgets to email.
  • Dataphobia: Consumers Distrust Personalization, Survey Shows
    Many consumers distrust use of data for news feeds and purchase recommendations, a survey by RSA finds.
  • Can Text Be Best? Consumers Prefer Texting Over Email
    Consumers may prefer texting, but a minority of businesses aren't set up for it, Zipwhip finds. And many people still like email.
  • The App Trap: Is Newman Mail Collecting Data For Targeted Ads?
    The popular app is being revived by Essential. But it has a disturbing new privacy policy, Fast Company charges.
  • Email Gameboard: Marketers List The Strategies That Work
    Personalization is the most effective tool -- but also the most difficult, Ascend2 reports.
  • Attribution Angst: Why Brands Aren't Getting It And Why Email Has An Edge
    Most tools measure only a few channels, and marketers aren't getting a full picture of the funnel, says CallRail's Mark Sullivan.
  • Can Email Reach The LGBTQ+ Audience?
    Younger people are less likely to identify as exclusively straight, but more likely to reject labels of any sort, Kantar reports.
  • D-markable: Federal Government Leads In DMARC Protection, Study Finds
    The report shows that 80% of all federal domains have published a DMARC record, vs. 50% of Fortune 500 companies.
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