• Pandemic Hangover: Consumers Are Wary As They Resume Purchasing
    Some consumers are ready to shop again. But many are cautious and are sticking to essentials, Alchemy Worx reports.
  • Delivering The Goods: What Shoppers Want Online And In-Store
    Consumers are wary of newer technologies. They want free delivery above all, Euromonitor International and the National Retail Federation report.
  • COVID-19 Litmus Test: The Most-Affected Consumers Have Different Needs, Expectations
    Social proof is a more important factor for the most-affected consumers than those least affected, The University of Georgia and Worthix report.
  • Put Your Money Where Your Email Is: Brands, Publishers Are Investing This Year
    Almost all brands say scaling their email is a priority in 2021, LiveIntent reports.
  • Buy Small Fry: Consumers Turn To Mom & Pop Brands During Pandemic
    Almost half of consumers have bought more with small businesses worldwide during the pandemic. And many are willing to share personal data with them, Sendinblue and CITE Research report.
  • The Shopper's Little Helper: Consumers Welcome Online Product Recommendations
    Most shoppers click on product suggestions in email and other channels, and a majority purchase, Lucidworks reports.
  • A Fix On B2B Digital: What's Working, Where The Budget Is Going
    Over two-thirds of shoppers expect their B2B digital budgets to increase, but barely more than a quarter say the same about email, Ascend2 and Wpromote say.
  • Off-The-Rack Personalization: Ecommerce Brands Lagging Despite Shopper Demands
    Only 13% of firms provide a completely personalized experience, Netcore reports.
  • The Poison Apple: Will New Privacy Policy Kill Email Marketing?
    Experts say Apple's new iOS protections will change the way email senders operate.
  • The Email Love Bug: Channel Tops Four Global Markets
    Most prefer email, right up to the C-suite. But mobile is emerging as a second choice, MoEngage reports.
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