• New Year's Email Marketing Resolutions
    As we close in on the new year, here are some resolutions worth adding to your list, starting with No. 1: Each month replace one of your previously planned broadcast emails with a targeted email to a segment of your list.
  • 3 Stats To Kick Off The New Year Right
    Take this lesson from a smart email marketer I know. She says of her 2008 program, "If we didn't get started early this year with template testing, behavioral triggers and a new preference center, I don't know how we could have protected our channel revenue and been ready to respond to the trying dynamics of Q4." With that in mind, and as you start to figure out priorities for 2009, consider these performance statistics that may help you organize existing resources or make the case for new resources.
  • The Night Before Christmas
    A poem, with apologies to Clement Clarke Moore. Sample: The children were texting and neglecting their beds/, While visions of Wii danced in their heads./ Mamma at her PC and I at my Mac/ Had just settled down for a long IM Chat.
  • Wrapping Up The Love: Cause-Related Marketing During The Holiday Season
    We recently wrote an article for the Email Experience Council that discussed the benefits of cause-related marketing. The topic deserves another visit during the holidays, when many brands choose to support various causes as part of their holiday campaigns. Not only do foundations get much-needed support during a time of high need, but positive brand relationships are fostered by the partnership between companies and their customers.
  • My Christmas List
    Three days before Christmas and all through the house, not a creature is stirring, not even a mouse. Well, my mouse is active, as are most email marketers' these days. What better way to start these holidays than to make a Christmas wish list for the interactive marketer. Here's how it goes....
  • Your 2009 To-Do List: There Is No 'Easy Button'
    The single most important way you can improve your email performance is to increase relevance through greater use of segmentation and dynamic content. So put this at the top of your 2009 to-do list. Following that, as you look ahead to 2009, consider tackling some of the following tactics to take your program to the next level.
  • Email And The Obama Campaign: Lessons To Heed Now!
    Having just returned from MediaPost's Email Insider Summit in Park City, Utah, I would like to focus on a very compelling concept shared by Stephen Geer, director of email and online fundraising for Barack Obama's presidential campaign. He began his keynote presentation by sharing the three cornerstones of any political campaign: messaging, mobilization and money. He explained that winning campaigns execute in those three areas. While Geer walked us through successful examples from the Obama campaign, it was easy to make parallels to email marketing. The following are some lessons from each area that email marketers must apply to their …
  • Notes From The Email Insider Summit
    Park City is always a great event winter event, but this year was a little special. The Email Insider Summit is typically described as a very intimate, network-oriented environment. It's evolved over the years from an event that focuses on different aspects of the email industry to that of trends and high level discussions of issues that face marketers. Here's a brief recap.
  • The Often Baffling Behavior Of Email Subscribers
    his week the Email Insider Summit reminded us once again that there is a giant chasm between how email marketers would like their subscribers to manage their email and what consumers actually do.
  • A Fork In The Road?
    One of the first sessions at this week's Email Insider Summit in Park City, Utah, was a panel of five moms who shared how they use email along with the things they like and the concerns they have with their inboxes. While there were some great nuggets in the session, I believe it is more interesting to compare what was shared in the moms panel with the panel of college students at the Email Insider Summit held last May in Captiva, Fla.
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