• Follow The Bouncing Blue... E-mail?
    Last week, Andy Goldman wrote about people who unsubscribe from e-mails, and what you can and should do about it. This week, I sat down with Jeanniey Mullen, co-founder of the E-mail Experience Council, to get her insights on a similar topic: bouncebacks. Dylan Boyd: Andy's column last week had some good points about the impact that unsubscribers can have to your bottom line over time. Do you agree with his viewpoint?Jeanniey Mullen: Absolutely! In fact, I think that we, as marketers need to take a much closer look at bouncebacks. The percentage …
  • Goodmail Makes Its Case
    Last fall, as you might recall, there was quite a commotion surrounding Goodmail's announcement that its CertifiedE-mail" program had been embraced by AOL and Yahoo. The case put forth by Goodmail at the time was that the increased trust generated by an e-mail that had been certified as legitimate, the guarantee of delivery, and the promise that HTML would render properly without fail, would result in higher click-throughs, increased profits, and improved ROI that would more than make up for the additional cost of delivery.
  • Ask The E-Mail Diva: Fixing Delivery Problems
    A marketer asks: Do you have any words of wisdom to help us get off Hotmail's spam list?
  • Rewards Or Conditioning?
    If your boss asked you to explain the difference between a rewards program and a loyalty program, how would you answer?
  • Who Was Your Last Unsubscribe?
    My, we've come a long way as e-mail marketers. Of all of the innovations, perhaps the most reflective has been the advent of user-level reporting, tracking e-mail metrics back to individual addresses and profiles. We've come a long way. So why do we still look at unsubscribes the way we did 10 years ago?
  • Responding To Disaster
    Last night, as I was watching the Spike Lee documentary on Hurricane Katrina and its effects on New Orleans, I began wondering how many people had invoked the name Katrina in their e-mail marketing messages over the last year. The answer is: a lot.
  • Ask The E-mail Diva: Preference Centers
    Dear E-mail Diva:We are currently in the process of revamping our e-mail subscription sign-up page, and I wondered if you had any recommendations for companies/Web sites with good Preference Management Centers.
  • Seven Tips For Good E-mail Creative
    Hoping to hit the jackpot with an e-mail program that makes all your hard work behind the scenes worthwhile? Of course you are. Then you need good creative execution. With so many options to test and so few good creative strategists in the space, where do you start? Here are seven areas of focus to improve your e-mail creative.
  • The Art and Science Of Third-Party List Selection
    Whether generating demand for technology products or driving attendance to an event, third-party e-mail lists can provide access to a potentially lucrative audience that internal files fail to reach. This week's column will concentrate on selecting the right third party lists for business-to-business campaigns.
  • Swimming in Data: Dating
    I always love the feedback I get from these "Swimming in Data" articles. Half of the responses are along the lines of "Hey, that's great. Keep it coming." The other half is "This stuff is useless unless I have the exact click-through and conversion numbers." Of course it would also be great if Bill Gates would tell me what companies he was about to buy so I could buy stock as well, but I don't think that is going to happen.
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