• Wesley Clark Redux
    Back when I first started writing this column I reported on the strange doings at the Wesley Clark campaign when it came to how the general was marketing himself on the Internet as part of his bid to grab the Democratic presidential nomination.
  • Bits and Pieces
    It is time for a little spring house cleaning: today's article will be little bits and pieces that have been hanging around the Email Insider corporate headquarters, with no particular thread tying them together:
  • Email Worst Practices: A Must-Read Primer on Bad Email Practices
    According to the latest quarterly report from Doubleclick, click-through numbers for email campaigns are slightly down. A big part of declining click-through numbers might not have anything to do with lack of interest in the offers people are receiving, but of the atrocious quality-control practices and poor re-direct procedures used by many email campaigns. And there is absolutely no reason for it.
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