• Blog-To-E-mail May Change the World
    A few weeks ago I wrote an article called "The Trouble With RSS." In it, I outlined why RSS is more hype than reality when it comes to fulfilling marketer's needs. I predicted adoption of RSS would be slow and limited and that as far as advertisers are concerned, RSS isn't there yet, and wouldn't be for quite a long time if ever. I've come to rethink that position...
  • Ask The E-mail Diva
    The Diva suggests a revamp of a too-busy product page.
  • E-mail: The New Learning Channel
    Test and learn, test and learn. As marketers, we've all heard or given that advice over and over again. However, lately these sensible words have lost their pull with our clients, and in our own organizations.
  • What, No More Free iPods?
    Experian announced this week that it was getting out of the incentive marketing space and would be laying off two thirds of the staff at MetaRewards, the incentive marketing group it purchased just two years ago.
  • E-Mail Diva: Targeting Texas Techies
    The E-mail Diva solves the mystery of why a campaign is bombing in Austin, Texas.
  • Pull The Trigger
    Many organizations don't realize the value and impact of behavioral or event-triggered communications. As I love to say, there are the haves and have-nots. The former have cool campaign management, interaction management, and business applications that can drive triggered messaging. The latter use Java mailers to trigger e-mail for site registration confirmations.
  • Beer Drinker Of The Year!
    Every once in a while, you look at a series of e-mail campaigns and you just have to smile. I feel that way about the Wynkoop Brewing Company's e-mail creative.
  • Ask The E-mail Diva: Promoting Blogs
    The Diva explains how to 1) promote current blogs to tech-savvy enthusiasts and 2) educate the uninitiated.
  • E-mail's 'Best of the Worst'
    When you work in an interactive organization, it is pretty easy to lose sight of one key difference between e-mail and other online marketing channels. When you build Web sites and media creative, you can mitigate campaign risk with quick responses. Not so with the e-mail channel. Here are a few examples that take the proverbial cake.
  • The Trouble with RSS
    Once again, I'm out of fashion. The whole world, it seems, has jumped on the RSS bandwagon. With glasses of Kool-Aid waved high, the beckon me to join their ranks. And yet I keep looking at it and saying, huh?
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